About Us

The Templer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our primary purpose is to provide financial and practical support to people in need, specifically – though not exclusively:

  • Terminally and chronically ill children and their families – particularly those living below the poverty line
  • People living with PTSD

The Templer Foundation is firmly committed to social enterprise; finding ways to generate sustainable revenue streams that will fund social programs and serve disadvantaged populations and others in need.

Our current focus is on designing and funding:

  • Early Intervention: Our intent is to have the workbook translated into 21 languages, braille, digital, audio, and a version in large type and distributed globally by 2014.
  • Project XI: The first step towards creating the modality for fulfilling the Templer Foundation’s commitment to provide pragmatic and cost-effective support to people experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and to them living fully, with dignity.
  • Project XI – Veterans: Military veterans are our returned heroes and leaders. Veterans have proudly and selflessly served our country, often risking their lives to protect us and our way of life. They continue to live the military values of integrity, selfless service, honor, courage, loyalty, respect, commitment, and duty. They understand mission focus, teamwork, selfless service, and leadership. We welcome them home with pride and are working to support their transition with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to overcome the physical, psychological, and relationship injuries, which they incurred in service to the rest of us.
  • Crocodile Cages: Saving +/- 1000 lives per year and providing safe access to clean water for washing, bathing, livestock drinking, people’s drinking/cooking water and vegetable watering access points.
  • Detroit Urban Farming Project: Community development through neighborhood revitalization and job creation, Education and training, Health, nutrition and human services, Financial sustainability through revenue generation. This project has been put on hold due to the financial and political change the city is going through at the moment.