Early Intervention

Templer Foundation is proud to be collaborating with Hawkings Post Publishing and Sally Allen to produce a booklet Early Intervention Book 1. Our intent is to have the workbook ready to distribute globally by 2016.

In the developing nations when a special needs child is born into a family – who are often barely surviving themselves – the child’s chances of surviving, let alone thriving given their challenges, aren’t great. The chances of the family or the child living with dignity, remote. Added to which, the stress and sadness experienced by the affected parents is a burden, many of us in the so called developed nations, can hardly imagine… knowing that something is wrong with their child and not knowing what it is or what they can do to help their children places unimaginable additional stress upon the parents and affects the way that they interact with each other and their family at large… lowering individually and collectively their chances of survival.

Early Intervention Book 1 has been produced for the sake of informing and educating parents and heath care providers to provide basic support in diagnosing and addressing the needs of special needs children so that the children and their families can optimize the opportunities at hand and enhance the dignity of all parties concerned.